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    • You have to just pay the account opening charges to open your demat accout. Further, there is also a annual maintenece charges (AMC) for the account.

    • While opening your demat account, you would have been asked about the saving account details with which you want to link you demat accout. So, your SBI saving account must be already linked with SBISmart.

  1. How is the minimum brokerage charges for SBI trading delivery?
    E.g. if I buy 6 units of say rs 3000.
    How much brokerage I have to pay?

    Which is good SBI demat or zerodha demat?

    • The brokerage charges in SBI is 0.5%. If you are buying stocks with total investment of Rs 3k, then you have to pay brokerage of 0.5% of 3,000 = Rs 15. Note, you have to pay this amount on both sides of transaction i.e. both buying and selling. Personally, I prefer zerodha over SBI.

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