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Hi, I am Kritesh, an NSE Certified Equity Fundamental Analyst. I'm 23-year old and an electrical engineer (NIT Warangal) by qualification. I have a passion for stocks and have spent my last 4+ years learning, investing and educating people about stock market investing. And so, I am delighted to share my learnings with you. #HappyInvesting


  1. Hi Kritesh,
    Can you tell me the minimum amount needed to open this 3 in 1 account. The executive told me I would be charged Rs 850. Is there any yearly maintenance charge for this too?

    • Hi Rashmi. My friend recently opened an account in SBI Smart and the Account opening charge was Rs 350. The annual maintenance charge for this was Rs 500. However, the broker may have a different plan. Will advice you can contact SBI for more info at 1800-209-9345. Further, you can find more here: https://www.sbismart.com/contact-us

  2. Whether new IPO application amount is also debited in trading account or from saving account irrespective of lien amount marked for trading account.

    • The amount gets automatically deducted from your saving accounts generally. I haven’t used SBI smart for SIP. You can ask this query to the customer care of SBI Smart. Here is the link.

  3. Hello
    I placed order on through sbi demat for ntpc ltd two shares only in limit and the order book shows it as pending but the amount of 91.00 got deducted is this a kind of charge or brokerage for buying share at t+5 condition

  4. I want to sell my few of my shares , so if I choose the ‘sell’option will the market price be immediately credited to my SBI savings account????
    And in another case , if I choose AMO ‘sell’ option , once the market reopens will the specified shares be sold instantly and amount be credited to my SBI savings Bank account?

    • Hi Praveen. It generally takes almost a day to get the amount credited to your savings account. It won’t be credited immediately. If u choose AMO to sell order, first the order needs to get executed (depending on the match) and once it’s complete, the amount will be credited in your account in a day or two. I hope it helps.

      • Thank God! Are u sure the proceeds of sale would be directly credited to savings bank account linked with demat& trading account? Cuz years back I sold one equity share n idk where the proceeds of such share went only. It got completely disappeared! Fortunately it was just a 8rs share I think… Inorder to learn the working of stock exchange trading I sold it…. Now when I want to sell in values of thousands , I am bit scared! 🙁

          • Thanks a lot bro…. Will get in touch with u again whenever any doubt arises in my mind! ??♥️

          • Bro I sold 3 of my SBI shares out of 5 , now the three of them seems to be debited from my demat acc but it isn’t credited to my SBI savings account. What shall I do now?

          • Sold it on last Saturday AMO order , got debit messages today as of now , it seems the trade took place between 9:15-9:30 am today but to amount is not credited yet , so it will be credited within 2 days?

  5. I’m first time in this field.How much the minimum amount to buy a stock(any minimum limit like 10000 rupees or 10 quantity) from real trading account like SBI Smart.

  6. SBI Customer care helpline number 852I6I 3O57 any problem please contact this helpline number 852I6I3O57 any question helpline number 886I78835O Any quary please contact your number… 852I6I3O57


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