Hi! Let me guess. You want to learn stock market. But you are confused where to start.

Then you are at the right place.

My name is Kritesh. I started this blog with a mission to help all those who are interested in the stock market but aren’t able to start because of lack of knowledge. I strongly believe that anyone can earn decent profits through investing in stock market and they do not need a high IQ or a fund manager to do so.

So, if you are willing to give few hours of your time, then I guarantee that you can get goods returns from the market. All you need is a little patience and a burning desire to learn.

Therefore, without wasting much time, let’s start your financial journey for consistent returns in the stock market.


Things to Know Before You Start Investing:

Best Books for Stock Market Beginners:

 Stock Market Basics:

How to Get Started?

Fundamental Analysis of Stocks.

How to Buy and Sell Stocks?

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Further, I have also written a guide on ‘How To Select A Stock To Invest In Indian Stock Market For Consistent Returns’ This is a free ebook and you can download it here.

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I would love to hear more from you.


  1. After reading this article, finally i feel like it was a worthy ‘Investment’ to those couple of hours. Great effort Mr.Kritesh. You covered almost all the topics relating to this subject, though i have some queries related to some aspects but all of a whole now i understand how this system works. Thankyou.

  2. Love the blog wriiten by you kritesh keep it up. I too wish to learn the fundamentals aspects of investigation in stock market. Do you teach online?

  3. Good Article Kritesh. Every beginner should know these basics.

    One correction in the article. Please change the URLs for the below links in “Things to Know Before You Start Investing” section

    10 Must Read Books For Stock Market Investors.
    7 Best Stock Market Apps that Makes Stock Research 10x Easier.
    3 Insanely Successful Stock Market Investors in India that you need to Know.

    These are all pointing to “https://www.tradebrains.in/10-must-read-books-for-stock-market-investors/”

  4. Hi Kritesh. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable knowledge of the stock market here. I gained a lot from it.

    By the way, can you please see to it that the link ‘What is the right time to exit a stock’ directs to the correct page? Thank you very much.

  5. Hello SIR. you have written good articles here I learned a lot. can you write one on technical analysis also? thank you

    • Hi Gourav. Thanks for your comment. I’ll be writing an article on technical analysis soon. Further, there are a number of resources available on youtube. If you need some links, I can send it to you. Besides, if you need any additional help, mail me at kritesh@tradebrains.in

  6. Great sir very good information and helpful information about investing in stocks market I read daily your blog, after reading your blog now I begin start investing in stock market. Sir please keep it up

  7. Hi Kritesh,
    Very good blog. I have few questions listed below.
    1.Are you investing in stock market?
    2.I need a mentor, How can I get a mentor to invest in a stock market.
    could you suggest few stocks in large,mid and small cap in majaor sectors to invest for 20 years long term?

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