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How can I buy stocks in India without fundamental and technical analysis?

I am new to share market...Hwo to invest in stocks without fundamental/technical anlysis?



  • Hi Karan,
    I can see that you are planning to invest in stocks and you are willing to know how to do it as you are new to share market. So basically stock is bunch of shares that you buy and it can be of one or more companies. To learn more about the share market you can go through the blog sections of share trading companies which function online. At my initial stage of learning I used to read and learn from blogs and now I am managing to invest in a better way. You also get advisory services from the company with which you are planning to deal with to help them raise their share capital. I hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rutuja Shah
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  • Hey hi, I can understand your problem totally. Being a newbie in this stock world is hell confusing. I am sure you must be very confused between so many good options. I will suggest you get a trustworthy broker who will help you with your every investment. Even I was a newbie once & my friend suggested me about this best Online stock trading company from then I am investing it's been 4 years now and I have reached at a good point from where I started. They also have this mobile application which helps to invest & to know what's happening in the market. I would recommend you Ajmera x-change the best stock trading company

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