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Broker Recommendation

Hi everyone. Can you share your experience with your current stockbroker like pros, cons facilities etc? Which stockbroker will you recommend for the beginners?



  • I've used multiple brokers since I begin investing.

    I started with ICICI direct. I enjoyed the trading platform and facilities offered by ICICI Direct, but the brokerage was high. So, I have switched to Zerodha, a discount broker. I've also tried other brokers like SBI Smart, HDFC Sec, and 5 Paisa to try out their platform.

    For beginners, I will recommend starting with discount brokers like Zerodha or 5Paisa... It will save a lot of brokerage charges. I hope it helps. Cheers!!

  • i had with sbi securities, now currently having zerodha, its very useful in delivery type.
    very less brokerage.

  • We are the best online stock trading platform in India who have a seasoned and experienced team, providing research and advisory services helping investors achieve their financial goals.

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  • I switched to zerodha and it is good

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