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Can I buy IPO with discount brokers?

I'm opening broker account with discount broker... can i invest in ipos using discount broker account?



  • No. Generally, the discount brokers do not provide add-on services like IPO trading.

    However, there are also other ways to invest in IPO once you have a DP ID like investing through your bank account using ASBA (Account Supported By Blocked Amount). Anyways, full-service brokers provide a simpler platform to invest directly in IPOs. I hope it helps.

  • Hi Sanchita,
    I see that you are willing to buy IPO from discount brokers and I would like to inform you that generally discount brokers do not offer IPO trading services. You do not need a broker to buy an IPO. You can take help from the bank by downloading the IPOs Blank ASPA form from the BSE/NSE website and submitting the details to the nearest branch. I hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rutuja Shah
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  • Yes you can buy an IPO with a discount broker. I am with one (finvasia) and they allow that

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