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what are intangible assets

What You Need To Know About Intangible Assets!

Evaluating the intangible assets of a company is a crucial part of the fundamental analysis, especially in a generation with a lot of […]

top down and bottom up investing approaches

What is Top Down and Bottom Up approach in stock investing?

While performing the fundamental analysis of companies, two of the most common strategies to research stocks that are used by investors are top […]

swot analysis for stocks cover

SWOT Analysis for Stocks: A Simple Yet Effective Study Tool.

SWOT Analysis for stocks is one of the most widely used tools for performing the ‘qualitative’ study of the company. It helps to […]

winner's curse- investing psychology

Investing Psychology: Winner’s Curse

Investing Psychology- Winner’s Curse : Have you ever had a chance to participate or witness an auction? If yes, then you would relate […]

How To Make Money From Dividends -The Right Way

How To Make Money From Dividends -The Right Way?

How To Make Money From Dividends -The Right Way? Everyone who enters the stock market wants to make money from their investments. And […]

Dupont Analysis - A powerful tool to analyze companies

Dupont Analysis: A powerful tool to analyze companies.

How to incorporate the Dupont analysis while researching stocks? As investors in the stock markets, it is important to find high-quality along with […]

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