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What is XIRR in mutual funds and how to calculate it cover 2

What is XIRR in mutual funds and how to calculate it?

Last weekend, one of my friends, Monika, came to my house to meet me. She is an old friend and we met after […]

Is Negative Price To Earnings of Stocks a Bad Sign for Investors cover

Is Negative Price To Earnings a Bad Sign for Investors?

Price to earnings ratio is definitely one of the most frequently used valuation ratio used by the investors to evaluate a company. Although […]

how to retire early

Want to Retire Early? Now You Can!

Retire early, get financial freedom and travel the world!- It’s the common cubicle dream. But there are in fact many ways a person […]

deep value investing cover

What is Deep Value Investing?

Deep value investing is an intense version of value investing which focuses on buying stocks at a much higher discount to intrinsic value […]

inventory on balance sheet cover

How to Evaluate Inventory on Balance Sheet?

In the past two decades, we have seen countless companies which turned from zero to over billion rupees in market value with very […]

Monte Carlo Simulation Cover

Monte Carlo Simulation -How can it help investors?

We face an element of risk in almost every decision we make which often leaves us feeling uncertain and ambiguous. Although we have […]

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