Trade brains is a financial education blog focused to teach stock market investing and personal finance to the DIY (do-it-yourself) investors in order to make, grow & sometimes even spend money.

Here, we help you become a self-taught stock expert and to master the skill of Investing. Follow Trade Brains to learn more about investing, trading, portfolio management, financial planning, money management etc alongside enhancing your other finance & investment education.

 Top 60 Indian Investment Blogs
Top 60 Indian Investment Blogs

Further, this blog aims to motivate and educate people for value investing, not to tell exactly what to do with your money. So, if you want to make your money work for you, stick around and start your journey to value investing and financial freedom.


kritesh Abhishek founderHi, I am Kritesh Abhishek, the guy behind the Trade Brains.

I am 23, Investor, Electrical Engineer, Car-Enthusiast, Fitness conscious and self-improving freak. In my free time, I love to read the stock market news- generally at least two hours per day, or read personal finance books.

I am a graduate of National Institute of Technology, Warangal with Bachelors’ of Technology in Electrical Engineering. At NITW, along with my core engineering, I was also exposed to courses like Finance, Economics, and Accountancy.  It was during my college days when I got infatuated with stocks and companies. Although the undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering was attracting, however, I found the study of finance & investing more fascinating. From then on, I developed a keen interest towards the Stock Markets.

Currently, I am working as Manager in Quality Assurance (QA) dept at Tata Motors, Pune, India.

When I first started investing in Stock Market, I had also a couple of doubts regarding my investments. I wasn’t certain how much I should invest, when is the correct time to buy, how long I should plan to invest, short term or long term, etc. Although I already studied many great books before entering the market like ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Ben Graham, ‘Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits’ by Philip Fisher, ‘One Up On Wall Street’ by Peter Lynch, ‘Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing’ by Robert Kiyosaki etc, however, when it came to my first investment, it was all ‘my decisions’ and ‘my confidence’ that mattered. Slowly, I learn that it’s your experience that’s weights the most and the earlier you start investing, the better the outcomes are.

Quick note: You can find the list of my favorite stock market investment books here.

Now, after having a good experience in the stock market, I am sure that I can help out all those who need little motivation & guidance to invest intelligently in the stock market.

If there’s one thing that you should take from this blog, then take this golden rule of investing- “Invest early, invest consistently and invest for the long-term“.

DISCLAIMER: This site should only be taken as an educational blog and the stocks discussed here should not be taken as any kind of advisory or recommendation. I (KRITESH), AM NOT A SEBI REGISTERED STOCK ADVISOR and do not intend to provide any kind of stock advisory in this blog. The views shared on the blog are my research and personal opinion. Please do your own study or take the help of your financial advisor before investing. The purpose of this blog is only to educate and help people. Happy Investing.

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I will be glad to help you out. Further, I will also appreciate if you can comment any remark or suggestion required for my blog ‘Trade Brains’. Keeps me motivated!


  1. Great Work. The blog is amazing and really helpful for new investors. Can you please share how you choose a stock before investing?

    • Thanks Saina. I am working on the blog post for how to choose a stock. Will publish soon. Once again, Thank you for appreciation 🙂

  2. Hi, Kritesh Abhishek

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing such an informative guide! I’ve really enjoyed reading, Wonderful Stock TRENDING Blog.

    Thanks for sharing the other tips to follow Investement.

    With best wishes, Happy Blogging 🙂

  3. Really, a great blog i ever read on stock market.
    This blog is very good to learn basics for newbies..all the best to the team…

  4. Hi, great blog… thank you for your time and effort.

    just one question- if i want to trade in the USA stock market insted of the Indian one- is the information for beginners is useful to me?

    Thank you and sorry for my English 🙂

  5. It’s truly a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi i’m Prabhdeep Singh, i read a few books on the fundamentals of investement and your list of 10 must read books really helped in that, now at this stage i want to learn how to do valuation of companies, can you plz suggest how to go about learning valuation and also some must read books on valuation

  7. Hello Kritesh,
    This is uday, can you please explain about these stock market simulators like Chartmantra by economictimes. I mean the difference between simulator and reality, pros and cons also.

  8. Kritesh very well done work, recently “i study how to select a stock for consistent returns” BECOME A BIG FAN FOR U. Thank u very much

  9. Excellent work Kritesh.

    One of the simple and easy learning for all the doubts i had in stock market. Will definitely help beginners.


  10. nice work kritesh
    i m dng MBA i need to know which full service broker is best i have a 10000 amount is there to invest in stock market

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